About Us

We are a Phoenix electric bike company and store, sign up for special announcements including new releases throughout the year or special promotions. Find us on Facebook

Our current business model is DTC (Direct to Consumer). What does that mean to you? It means that we sell direct from the manufacturer to the end user without any intermediary stores or middlemen to mark up the price you pay. The savings goes directly to you. Our brand is a private label so you will not find them at bike shops in Arizona or anywhere else including online shopping.

Initially we are selling to local customers only or to customers that are willing to pickup their bike from our warehouse or arrange local delivery .  Later, if we perfect a safe and economical shipping method we may sell the e-bikes online but for now it is local only.

About the bikes:

Average rider 150 lbs. Range will vary based on conditions, rider weight, model, pedaling effort,  terrain, battery use setting, speed and other factors and is not guaranteed, but is a maximum. Long distance riders may peddle very easily since it has electric power assist and the pedaling will provide a small charge to the batteries. The more weight the bike carries, the distance will be reduced. Max bike and load weight total 330 lbs for the larger model (at that weight the max distance would be greatly reduced.) Distance is not guaranteed but is for comparison between models only.