Finding Electric Bikes in Phoenix

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Stylish Electric Bike

When looking for an electric bike in Phoenix you need not look further than us at Skiron ™ Bikes. Finding electric bikes in Phoenix is easy with us and our various models to choose from. We are a direct to consumer business which means we sell direct to you with no middleman which can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. We have single and two person models and various ranges to choose from.

Distance of electric bikes

The range of our bikes if from 30-60 miles per charge. All of the current models also feature pedal assist, meaning that they can also be pedaled like a standard bike which makes them qualify as an e-bike under the law.

Electric bikes offer a unique combination of power, safety and environmental protection. Many people who care about the environment or exercise to take care of their bodies have wanted something that went beyond the limitations of a bicycle. Yet they did not want to add another carbon footprint to the planet. The e-bike is the answer to their concerns.

What Are Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes enhance the pedaling power of riders with electric force provided by a battery. Some e-bikes require pedaling in order for the motor to become engaged (ours are key start with alarms for security). Others allow riders to rest for a while without losing the ability to propel the bike. The designs of these bikes vary greatly to allow people from different backgrounds and with different goals to choose the e-bike that best suits their situation.

The defining difference between a normal bicycle and an e-bike is the motor. The motor will have a different capacity depending on the bike and the intent of the owner. Many motors are limited to producing less than 1,000 watts. This limit is often determined by the laws of the region in which the bikes are sold.  (Check your local laws*)

Manufacturers, naturally, are free to make motors as powerful as they want. However, electric motors that are too powerful will result in the local authorities classifying the bike as a motorcycle or scooter. This would require owners to acquire special licenses, insurance and adhere to a variety of rules that do not apply to bicycle owners.  Many e-bike motors also disengage after an upper speed limit is reached. At that point, the rider must fall back on pedal power until the speed drops.

The battery is another distinguishing feature of the e-bike. The storage power of the battery and its ability to recharge are key features that will impact the overall price of the bike. The batteries are rechargeable in a standard outlet .

E-bikes are also distinguished by the controllers. This device displays useful data for the rider and allows him or her to make critical adjustments. Depending on the model of e-bike, the rider can see information about things such as speed and remaining battery power. He or she can also control the output of the battery and therefore accelerate or lower the speed accordingly.

These components are located in different areas of the traditional bike framework. Some bicycles locate the motor in the wheels. The battery is often found in the metal tubing of the bike or resting on the carriage.  The controller is usually found on the handlebars where the rider can make quick reference and adjust it with his or her fingers when necessary.

The end result of the cooperation of these parts and the rider is a bike that will travel much faster than a normal bicycle. Yet the bike retains its usefulness for human health and a safer environment by forcing the rider to interact physically with the electric parts. The electric components enhance the power of the rider rather than replace it.

The E-Bike Advantage

There are actually many advantages to owning and using an e-bike besides those mentioned above. Nevertheless, the integration between person and machine is very important because it enables many of the same attributes that a motorcycle or scooter would have without many of the detrimental results.

For example, people riding  electric bikes are still using their bodies. They are not sitting in a sedentary position and suffering the accumulated symptoms of motionlessness. Instead, they are getting much of the same exercise that bicycling provides while getting better results. In other words, they travel farther using the same amount of personal energy.

Ebikes also offer an opportunity to lessen the impact of modern travel methods on the environment. Many people use motorbikes or even cars in their daily lives because they do not have the time to get to work on a bicycle and, furthermore, they would arrive exhausted in many cases. The e-bike allows them to remain commuters without filling the air with smog or letting them arrive at work covered in sweat.

Additional benefits of electric bikes are included below:

• They’re Fun

This factor should not be overlooked. Phoenix electric bikes are not just for people who want to save the trees or the whales. The one feature will definitely help the e-bike sell more than any other is the fun involved. It is incredibly fun to feel that much power and know that you are creating it rather than just turning a throttle.

• Low Cost

If you actually use an e-bike in place of a car, you are doing more than saving the environment. You are also saving yourself a lot of money. Electric bikes are much less expensive than cars but they will still get you safely and quickly from point A to point B. If that is all that you need in a car, you can get it from an e-bike and avoid the cost of a car. Remember that that cost includes all the maintenance that you will need to do on that car and you will see an even bigger reason to buy an electric bicycle. The cost to charge is typically less than a quarter, compare that to a tank of gasoline at today’s prices

• No Traffic

It is important to remember that the electric bike is not a motorcycle. You can ride it on bike paths and other locations that can get you through traffic-heavy areas. You do not need a license as long as you buy a bike that stays within the limitations imposed by local laws*. Nevertheless, you will still be able to travel much faster than a regular bike and you may not even break a sweat.

• Your Health

Exercising on a bike would be ideal but, let’s face it, not everyone has the time to fit bicycle-riding into their schedule. When you use an e-bike to commute or make shopping trips, you incorporate some real exercise into your daily life.

The benefits of electric bikes are significant. After you buy your own e-bike, you will find even more way that it can be beneficial in your life.

*Check local laws, this is not to be considered legal advice.